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I need thinspiration.
Suck it fat self.

Height: 5'4
Highest Weight: 311
Lowest Weight: 230
Current Weight: 230
Ultimate Goal Weight: 130

GW1: 225 [Shopping]
GW2: 210 [Shift Knob for Car]
GW3: 190 by graduation [Sweet Outfit]
GW4: 170 [TBD]
GW5: 150 by college [tattoo]
GW6: 130 [TBD]

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Oh my gosh. I have never been so mad at my alarm clock in my entire life. Best, hottest dream on the entire planet and my alarm clock had to cockblock. What the hell.


I need a good fruit salad right about now.





This, ladies and gentlemen, is what you get when you stand up to a man who beats his young girlfriend in public. Not the black eye, not the broken nose, but the sense of being a fucking great human being.

Earlier today while I was waiting for the bus I witnessed a man walk up to his girlfriend, who couldn’t have been older than 18, kick her handbag, spit on her and scream in her face that she was a cunt. He walked back into the bus shelter after telling her she was worthless and pathetic and kicking her in the gut then as she tried to follow he turned around to grab her. I got in between them and told him that he should never EVER spit on a woman, hit her or talk to her in that way. He laughed in my face and said he would “fuck me up”. I looked him square in the eye and told him that I was not afraid of him. He proceeded to scream obscenities at her as I took her away from him, then he shouted to me that he could walk round the corner to get people to kill me. Feeling defiant, I said “go on, I dare you, there’re plenty of people around to witness it.” The prick then walked right up to me and head butted me in the nose. I am now sporting a swollen face and the beginnings of a black eye but the police took swabs from my nose to get his DNA and they know exactly who he is. Cunt’s going down for assault. Motherfuckers don’t treat women like that and get away with it. I feel heroic.

That’s right bitches. Women deserve respect. 


MAJOR props to you! I’m glad that there are people out there who are willing to standup to bullies like that.


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